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Moms are busy people. So many things to juggle, so many people counting on you. You want things to be simpler, easier, and less crazy, right?

This is for YOU!

But we all know that there are no simple answers. That is why we created this podcast/show. It’s for YOU. To give you hope, ideas, companionship on the journey, and a new community of like-minded moms; single, married, step, or otherwise. Because life starts in your home... with your relationships & your health!

And we know that your home life can be a source of great joy, as well as a source of deep pain and disconnection. Home is where you have, for better or worse, your most intimate connections - with your husband, your kids, and… yourself. When things are "off" at home, the negative energy accumulates and can affect both your health and your other relationships. You either get out of bed each day armed with excitement, passion, and a clear mind… or you don’t.

As a woman, your emotional antennae are finely tuned to seek harmony in all of your relationships. Navigating life and its many connections with those closest to you is not as easy as it sometimes looks in the movies!

Adding to all of that complexity: much of your ability to be and do your best depends on your health and wellness. This collaboration between your physical health and your emotional connections determines not only how you will get through each day, but what kind of impact you will have on every person in your life.

Who we are...

Kitchen tableThe three of us, the Mighty Married Moms, know these challenges, personally and professionally! We are right there, learning, growing and even cutting ourselves some slack, just like you should do! We invite you to join us at our kitchen table, twice a week, to hear from great guests on topics that matter to all of us - your relationships, your health, your life!

Linda is our Mighty resource - an experienced health & wellness coach. Wendy is our Married resource - dedicated to bringing skill-building relationship coaching to couples. Debbie is our Moms resource - a qualified parent and family coach with years of teaching and three thriving young adults as children!

Deborah C. Owen, Best parent family life coach Boston.Deborah C. Owen, NBCT, MLIS, MM. I am a family coach and performance coach, speaker, and author of the #1 Amazon best-selling books, Social Media Fascination and Cupcakes for Dinner. I spent many years in the trenches, teaching kids in the public schools (where I earned National Board Certification for teaching excellence). Each year I grew more and more frustrated, watching kids struggle: with their academics, their peers, the adults in their lives, and even with themselves. So now, as a certified coach, my goal is to help kids, teens, and young adults grow up being happy in their relationships, and feeling successful in their lives. I do this by working directly with young people themselves (my signature system is Mindpower Matters), and by empowering parents like you to connect with your kids with calm compassion. With my husband of 27 years, I have raised three children to become successful young adults (ages 19, 22, and 25), so I share what I have learned along the way, to help YOU raise your kids! www.YouCanRaiseGreatKids.com

Linda Tighe, Best health coach Boston.Linda Tighe, HHC, CTLC, CNC, AADP. I have been in the field of wellness for over 12 years, and have worked with several health practitioners in many different health areas. My mission is to bring greater awareness and education to families with regard to healthy eating, and how what we put into our bodies has a profound effect, not only physically, but on all aspects of our lives. My programs help you learn how to eat better, reduce stress, reduce cholesterol, lose weight, and lessen your risk of disease. Much of the success of my programs is based on clearing out the confusion and misinformation about diets and weight loss, and giving you a practical and predictable system for personal health success! My husband of 20 years and I are actively parenting two teenage boys, so I get to practice what I preach every single day! www.AllWellBreaksLoose.com

Wendy L. Williams, BSN, M.Ed., Best marriage and relationship educator and relationship coach Boston.Wendy L. Williams, BSN, M.Ed. I am a relationship coach. I weave together my background as a nurse, educator, speaker  and personal development coach to help individuals, couples and communities to shift from soul-draining to soul-satisfying (re)connections through coaching, education and consultation. I know that committed individuals and couples have the keys required for the bond and love we all really want - but, they can give up before they hit that stride. I believe that when people put the kind of dedication to being a great partner as they do in other important areas like career or parenting, their marriage bonds and connection will ROCK! Married for almost 20 years, I also have the great privilege of being a step-mom to my husband’s two young adult sons, now in their 20’s. Connect with me to make a plan for your marriage! Your best days are at hand! www.ConnectAgain.org

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